The Buhner Protocol

Using Herbs to Stay Healthy

About the Protocol

Stephen Buhner

The world renowned herbalist and researcher Stephen Harrod Buhner has created a protocol to help stay healthy. 

Stephen has done extensive research into counteracting pathogens with herbs and is the author of 23 books.

To learn more how the herbs in the protocol work, we recommend you read his book Herbal Antivirals or his articles.

Disclaimer: Information on this site is educational only and not intended to diagnose nor are products sold intended to replace medical treatment. There are no claims made to cure any medical condition. Seek treatment from your doctor. PRODUCTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FDA OR HEALTH CANADA.

We are not affiliated with Stephen Buhner. We are simply compounding his protocol for those who do not have the ingredients to make it themselves.

Intake Form

At this time, each of our tinctures are compounded on an individual basis within the context of the practitioner-client relationship. Therefore, to ensure your safety and make any necessary alterations, we require an intake form to be filled out prior to processing your order. 
Orders will not be processed until the form is submitted.

Package Contents:

Tincture 1

Chinese Skullcap (3 parts) , Japanese Knotweed (2 parts), Kudzu (2 parts), Licorice (1 part), Lonicera Japonica (1 part)

Tincture 2

Cordyceps (3 parts) Dong Quai (2 parts) ,
Rhodiola (1 part) Astragalus (1 part)

Tincture 3

Dan Shen ( 3 parts) , Red Root ( 2 parts),
Bidens pilosa ( 1 part)


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